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Prop: Shop – Molding & Casting 101: Intro to Urethane Resin

Everything you need to know about the urethane resin you’ll be using to cast pieces in your silicone molds.

Smooth-Cast 300

Smooth-Cast 65D

Smooth-Cast Onyx Fast

Smooth-Cast 325

Molds Release Spray

SO-Strong Tint

Resin Kits:
Allen Amis Creations


Hoku Props

Henchmen Props


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Follow along with Bill in the shop as he shows off three different methods for casting urethane prop parts.

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Materials Used

Mold Max 30 Silicone

Smooth-Cast 300

Smooth-Cast 65D

Smooth-Cast 325

SO-Strong Tint

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.
Video Rating: / 5

40 thoughts on “Prop: Shop – Molding & Casting 101: Intro to Urethane Resin

  1. i am wondering if you can use it as a glue to join two urethane resin pieces toghther to make a permanent bond of two pieces since some pieces need to be molding seperately?

  2. Boom I Gotcha

    What is the best casting resin if Im trying to make a mold for vacuum forming and want the mold to last and be used many many times? Im vacuum forming hockey masks and my bucks/molds that I'm pulling from do not last and are not good at all. Please help!

  3. Jorge Navarro

    Hi I need a resin or urethane to case some action figure accessories. Something rigid, but flexible enough to bend without breaking. Anything that you might suggest?

  4. @Punished Props Academy
    For someone trying to get into casting, what should I expect
    as far as cast goes? I haven't been able to find a consistent price from forum to forum.

  5. Robert Crittenden

    Nice video. I have made 2 piece molds. But wondered if i should of used different materials for what i am making. 1/64 scale detailed car. The mold worked.
    I used allumilite resin. Didnt work for me. I was listening to your video. Was curious about adding color. White= not good for color? Clear=good for adding color?

  6. Dear Bill, I need a resin that will resist deformation in direct sunlight. I’m making a sort of badge/emblem for a car and I need it to be clear but I don’t have any experience with resin or casting for that matter. I was wondering if Smooth Cast 325 would be suitable for my application or is there something else you recommend?

  7. Janine Kurzinger

    How did you ensure the clear came out shiny? I want to cast something in clear that I’ll make out of either monster clay or Apoxie but I need it to come our shiny because it will be too awkward a shape to sand and buff. If you have any tips it would really help. I’m thinking of using Oomoo silicone and gradually cast art resin brand or ecopoxy brand. Or I’ll try this roto method at least for the first layer. How can I make it so it comes out glossy? Varnish Apoxie resin or some other clay ? Thanks

  8. Gunpla Adolph University of Gundam/School of Gunpla

    Isn't 300 pot life 3mins??? How the hell did u have so much time before it turned In the begging of video? Does color added extend pot time or did you use 310? Maybe it's movie magic

  9. Edward Deaney

    Hey Bill, very useful video. Just wondering, how strong is the clear resin as it gets thinner, and what kind of results do you get if you don’t have access to a pressure vessel? Thanks.

  10. Bill at 13:20 get yourself a Doll needle (very large needle) it'll make popping the bubbles easer (also the size of the needle help for hand being away from the Mold )

  11. Jade Hudson

    Hi. I have a weird question that I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere online. I have constructed a series of sculpted foam cubes out of extruded polystyrene foam. I'm wanting to make silicone molds of said foam, so I can in turn make solid resin molds of these pieces. They would only be single part molds, as I don't need the bottoms of the pieces to be molded. Is it safe to put the polystyrene foam into a silicone molding material or will there be a chemical reaction that spells my demise?

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